About us

NCM Carpentry is a family run business based in Cambridgeshire and providing furniture and reclaimed wood kitchens all over the country.

We aim to meet the needs of clients who want their furniture to be individual and elegant in design, offering both functionality and durability. The right choice of furniture should last a lifetime and not just a couple of years before it is replaced.

Below are some pictures from a project where we built tailor made reclaimed wood furniture to fit the exact dimensions of the room, thus making best use of the available space.

Each plank in a piece of reclaimed wood furniture has its own history and personality. While reclaimed wood furniture is solid and robust, it is easy to loose yourself in the fine features and naturally beautiful detail. It is natures beauty at its best.

Please contact us today to discuss your ideas – by telephone on 07815 119660 or by E-mail ncmcarpentry@gmail.com.

reclaimed wood book case