Reclaimed wood furniture

We aim to meet the needs of clients who want their furniture to be individual and elegant in design, offering both functionality and durability. The right choice of furniture should last a lifetime and not just a couple of years before it is replaced.

Please see the following links for some design examples of reclaimed wood furniture designs Shelving units example 1, Shelving units example 2, Shelving units example 3, Wardrobes and Drawers, Solid wood tables

reclaimed wood table

Reclaimed pine is very different from new pine. It should almost be called something else so as to not to be related. Reclaimed Pine is much harder and each piece of wood has its own unique character and history embedded within it.

Each plank in a piece of reclaimed wood furniture has its own history and personality. While reclaimed wood furniture is solid and robust, it is easy to loose yourself in the fine features and naturally beautiful detail. It is natures beauty at its best.